Doctor's Professional Building
Doctor's Professional Building
280 Smith Avenue N
St. Paul, MN  55102
Building Hours
West Stair/Elevator Lobby- M-F:6:00am-6:30pm
East StairFront Entrance: 24 Hours

Twin Cities EcoMetro
by Brianna Diaz
 2/19/2009 10:04 AM
These days "Green" is everywhere! We all need to work together to create sustainable solutions and do our part to reduce our footprint. The Twin Cities EcoMetro guide is a website tailored to those who live in the Twin Cites and focuses on environmentally...
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Property Managers
Job Title Full Name Business Phone E-mail Address
Senior Property Manager Charlie Gravelle 952-837-8686
Senior Vice President Bill Zimmerman 952-893-8880
Property Manager Mitch Robertson 952-837-8509
Operations Assistant Krista Shantz 952-893-8886
Job Title Full Name Business Phone E-mail Address
Senior Director Tom Stella 651-734-2383
Senior Associate Rob Davis 651-734-2386
Senior Brokerage Assistant Kim Grieger 952-893-8247
Brokerage Assistant Teri Newman 952-893-8288
Engineering & Maintenance
Job Title Full Name
Building Engineer Dale Keena
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