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Property Direct is an interactive tool for tenants in occupying space in properties managed by Cushman & Wakefield and Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce. This portal provides access to current building information and helpful services.

General building information, including the property’s address, building hours, and contact information for your property manager is available to everyone.

Features such as work order requests and conference room reservations are available only to your primary maintenance contact(s) and require a username and password to access.

To view your building site, please select your state, city, and building using the drop-down options below.

To obtain a username and password, please select your building using the drop-down options below and email your building’s Operations Assistant for assistance.

If you are having trouble using the site, contact the Property Direct Administrators.

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About Cushman & Wakefield and Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce
Cushman & Wakefield and Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce provides management services for more than 45 million square feet of commercial properties across the United States. In addition to property management, we offer commercial real estate services for investors, developers and users/occupiers of space. To learn more, visit www.cushwakemsp.com or www.comre.com, respectively.
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